Aroma and taste connected. Aromatic herbs and flowers with a touch of cinnamon.

Oh la lá! Vegamar, Air de Paris!

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mapa nuevo vegamar

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We went on a Saturday to visit the Winery and the truth is that it was a good experience, we saw the facilities and then we tried the wines that are made there and we had a great time.

Julio Serrano

The truth is that we did not expect to see facilities like these, it is very good to go with the family and spend a pleasant day. We were very soon because we wanted to see the surroundings of the Winery and we really liked it.

Mª Ángeles García

I was in a tasting with some friends that was made in the Winery and they treated us wonderfully, the boy looks like he understood and knew what he was talking about. We were learning a lot and then we talked about everything while we ate.

Antonio Álvarez

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