General Manager

His aim as a president is to make Vegamar known as a high-quality winery environmentally friendly with its surroundings. From 2002 running the familiar winery, he recognizes that his driving force is the enthusiasm of running new projects and the company’s agreed targets. His philosophy of life is also his work philosophy: responsibility, commitment and dedication.

Marketing Manager

As an architect, she provides to the familiar business the value of design and innovation, which is applied in all Vegamar products and in Vegamar Gourmet Areas already open since she took the control of the Marketing department in 2017.

This generational change contributes fresh air to the company, as well as position in the market, an expansion plan and a fundamental premise: a happy human team.

Winemaker and Technical Director

With two decades into the wine industry, and being the last grandson of a winemaking grandfather, he feels passion about his job as a technical director and the improvement of our wines. In a constant search of perfection, he is always looking for good quality of job and product.

Wine maker

After a 15-year professional career in Vegamar, she admits she really enjoys what she does, since the sample collection in the vineyard, the harvesting and the bottling of the final product. Very enthusiastic, she recognizes her passion about winemaking.

Spirits Product Manager

His aim goes from investigating to produce new products able to transmit a lot of sensations, as he says, Vegamar products have soul. His premise says that every day is different, not taking anything for granted and not discard any option until is proven that it is impossible. From Vegamar, he defends good quality products and confidence in responsible professionals.

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