¡Oh lala! Vermouth Rouge

9,00 18,00 

Colour: Clean and brilliant with an amber hue and subtle copper glints.
Nose: Attractive citrus aromas of dry orange rind together with notes of ginger and cardamom. Balsamic with sweet hints coming through reminiscent of toasted caramel, fresh walnut shell, a hint of cinnamon, aromatic herbs and red and yellow flowers. Aromas of gentian and wormwood come to the fore. Then an elegant toasty layer comes through in the finish.
Palate: A silky, enveloping entry on the palate in which neither sweetness nor bitterness gets the upper hand. It is all very well balanced. It has both character and lightness, a magnificent combination of qualities. All the plant aromas found on the nose come to the fore on the palate with a full finish. The tasting finishes with an attractive touch of sweetness that clings to the palate which with its balanced acidity enhances its flavour and urges us to take another sip.
FORMAT: 75cl.

Referencia 5VOLL
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