“In Vegamar, we only harvest when grapes are perfectly ripened. This is the advantage of owning all our vineyards.”

viticultura uva siluetada

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The management of our vineyards is made in a environmentally friendly way respecting our natural surroundings. We use natural and organic fertilizers in order to maintain the biologic fertility, avoiding chemical fertilizers, which are included in the biological agriculture. All our vineyards are planted in trellises.

Nowadays, we count with 100Ha in property in the Alto Turia, in which 50Ha are in production.

Our endogenous grape varieties:
Merseguera / Moscatel / Garnacha

Variedades autóctonas con las que trabajamos:
Cabernet Sauvignon / Merlot / Syrah / Tempranillo / Sauvignon Blanc

All our cavas are elaorated with our own wine in our winery in Requena, in inland Valencia, which allow us to control every glass of cava we produce.
We work with Chardonnay grape varieties, Garnacha and Macabeo, always manipulating all grapes with respect. Vegamar is located between two hills, which provides a microclimate protected by the UNESCO and unique in the world.

The continuous and soft winds help to air the vineyards improving the quality of the grapes. Climatic conditions help to the vine bud burst in order to grow strongly and to ripe early.

Vegamar winery is located in Calles, Valencia, 65km away from the sea and 600m above from the level of the sea., lo que nos permite elaborar . This altitude help us to produce wine with an accurate acidity which transmit the essence of the countryside, its flavor and aroma of the Mediterranean Sea.

world. there is not foreign vineyards 60k around, this distance protects our vineyards from foreign pollution and contamination.

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Cooling system in order to low the harvesting temperature by liquid CO2 down to -30ºC.

Membrane pressing, with 15.000 and 10.000 kg capacity.

Capacity in order to manipulate every grape variety per separate. Different volumes and diameters in the production tanks.

Capacity for 8,600Hl in stainless steel tanks with temperature control.

Tangential Flow Filtration.

Bottling system with 3.000 bottle/hour capacity.

1.600 m2 barrel room with temperature and humidity control.

Crianza capacity of 4.000 Hl.

Atelier medium-toasted French oak barrels and Finisse medium- toasted American oak barrels, renewed every three years.

Use of the barrel ship as a cellar for bottled wines.

Sistema de refrigeración para bajar temperatura de la vendimia mediante CO2 líquido a -30ºC.

Prensas neumáticas, con capacidad de 15.000 y 10.000 kg

Capacidad para elaborar por separado cada variedad. Diferentes tamaños de volumen y diámetro de los depósitos de elaboración.

Capacidad para 8.600 Hl en depósitos de acero inoxidable con control de temperatura.

Filtro tangencial cerámico.

Embotelladora con capacidad para 3.000 bot/hora.

Sala de barricas de 1.600 m2 con control de Tª y % HR.

Capacidad para crianza de 4.000 Hl.

Barricas de roble francés tipo Allier tostado medio y americano tipo Finisse tostado medio, renovadas cada 3 años.

Aprovechamiento de la nave de barricas como cava para los vinos embotellados.


Our vineyards are located in a very natural location, surrounded by the Tuéjar and Turia river, known for its beauty and its wonderful influence in order to grow vineyards and fruit trees, due to its microclimate, unique in this area and in the world. there is not foreign vineyards 60k around, this distance protects our vineyards from foreign pollution and contamination.

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